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My photograhs don't do me justice -they just look like me ~ Phyllis Diller.

The Class of 63
63 Class reunited after 38 years
Language teacher
The Great Storm
Councillor Weeks
Concord, Massachusetts
Not the ascetic
Henley 2
family portrait 1999
Jonathan's 29th Birthday
Man's best friend
David's graduation.
Jonathan at 30, Debbie 20.
Engaged couples
David and Elizabeth
Rachel and Adrian
Bethany Jane at one day old with Parents|Mother and baby |Grandma 1|Grandma 2|Grandad|Grandma and mother|Auntie Debbie|New man at work|Grandma and Auntie|
Bethany at 3 months, one year old, two
family portrait 2001
David and Elizabeth's Wedding
Rachel and Adrian's Wedding
Hannah Kathryn newborn|Grandad|Bethany|Five days old|3 months
Christmas 2003
The author at his computer
Post prandial somnolence
Oregon July 2003
Not the pacifist
My claim to fame
Sahara Kate
Father Christmas(2004)
21 again


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