Pictures of Church History

One of my other interests, apart from quotations, is church history. I plan to build up an archive from my own photos. Click on the titles to link to the pictures.

1. The oldest church building in England

2.Jan Hus 1

3. Jan Hus 2

4. Jan Hus 3

5.Richard Baxter 1

6.Richard Baxter 2

7.John Bunyan

8.Elstow Abbey

9.Oliver Cromwell 1

Oliver Cromwell 2

10 International Presbyterian Church 1

11 Samuel Johnson

12 Sylvester Jacobs

13 John_Knox.

14. Knox memorial window

15. Edinburgh's Grassmarket

16. Edinburgh Martyrs Memorial

17 In the Jerusalem Chamber of Westminster Abbey

18 John Wesley

19 Canterbury Martyrs 1

20 Canterbury Martyrs 2

21 Oxford Martyrs

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