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These are the subjects on my quotation pages. The links do not work from all the words here but should work from the first word in each alphabetical paragraph as well as from the links at the bottom of the page..


ability abortion absence absolutes abstinence absurdity abuse acceptance achievement action acting advent adversity advertising advice age agnosticism alliteration ambition America anarchy ancestors angel anger animals & the environment anthropology anticipation antinomy anxiety apathy apology apostacy appreciation argument aristocracy arms art assimilation assurance atheism atonement attitude Australia authority autonomy autumn

babies banking Baptists baptism beards betrayal beauty bias Bible bigotry birds blasphemy blindness blonde boasting body books boredom brevity bribery Britain Bunyan

calling Calvin Calvinism Canada cargo cats celebrity certainty chance change character charismatic charity chastity cheerfulness chess children China chocolate choice Christ Christianity Christmas church church and state church leaders city civilisation civil war clairvoyant class Clinton coffee colours comfort common grace communication communism compassion complaints compromise computers confession confidence conflict conformity conscience conservative consistency conspiracy contentment controversy conversation courage covenant cowardice creation creativity credulity creeds cricket criticism Cromwell cross culture curiosity customer cynicism Czechoslovakia

dance death decay deception debt defeat democracy depression design desire despair devil diary diet difficulty diplomacy discrimination discipline disestablishment disguise diversity divorce doctor dogs doubt dreams dress drink driving drugs duty dyslexia

economics economists education egotists election emotion empathy empire emptiness encouragement enemies England Englishmen enthusiasm entropy envy episcopacy epitaph equality error eternity ethics Europe euthanasia evangelism evangelicalism evil evolution example excellence excess excitement excuses exercise existentialism experience expert explanation

facts failure faith faithfulness fake quotes fame familiarity family fanatic fantasy fascism fashion father fear feelings fellowship feminism fiction fishing fleas fidelity film flattery folly food fools football foreknowledge force forgiveness France free will freedom freedom of speech friendship fundamentalism future

garden gambling genius Germany giving glory gluttony God golf good works goodness gospel gossip government grace grandparent gratitude greatness Greece greed grief growth guidance guilt gullible guns

habit happiness hate healing health heart heaven hell heresy heroes hesitation hindsight history holiness Holland Holy Spirit home homosexuality honest honours hope hospitality humanism humility humour hunger hunting hymns hypercalvinism hypocrisy

ideas idleness idolatry ignorance illness image of God immigration immortality impatience impertinence improvement inaction incarnation inconsistency independence India influence ingratitude innovation insults integrity intellectuals intelligence internet Ireland Islam

Jesus Jews Job Johnson journalism joy judging judgement justice justification

kindness knowledge

labels  last words laughter law leadership leisure letters liberalism lies life light listening logic loneliness Lord loss love loyalty lust

majority malice man manners marriage martyr Marxism materialism maturity means of grace mediaeval medicine meetings memory men mercy metaphor Methodism Middlesex miracles misery missions mistakes mixed metaphors millennium moderation monasticism money morality mother motivation motto mountains multiculturalism Murphy music mysticism

nationalism nature necessity need neighbour neutrality new age news Nigeria noise normality nostalgia nudity numeracy

obedience obesity objectivity obscenity obstinacy occult opportunity opposition optimism original sin orthodoxy

pacificsm pain pantheism paradox parents parody parting passion patience patriotism peace perfection Perivale permanence persecution perseverance pessimist Peter photography philosophy plagiarism plans pleasure pluralism poetry politics political correctness pornography possibility postmodernism poverty power praise prayer prayers preaching predestination predictions prejudice Presbyterian presumption presuppositions pride principles priorities privacy probability problems procrastination profanity progress promises prophet prosperity prostitution proverbs providence prudence psychiatry punctuality purgatory puritans punishment puns purpose

Quakers questions quitting quotations

race rationalism rationality reading reality reconstruction recycling rebellion redemption rednecks Reformation regeneration regret religion remedies remembrance repartee repentance epetition resentment respect resolutions respectability responsibility resurrection retirement return of Christ revenge revelation revival rights risk Rome Rousseau rulers rules

sabbath sacrament sacrifice safety salvation sanctification Satan sceptic science Scripture Scotland secrecy secularism security self-control self denial self esteem selfishness service sex Shakespeare ships significance silence simplicity sin sincerity sixties slander slavery sleep smoking snow socialism society solitude sorrow sovereignty of God speaking specialisation speed spelling spoonerisms sport spring state statistics stewardship strangers. strength study stupidity success suffering suicide superstition swearing sympathy

tact talent talking tax tea tears teacher teeth telephone temptation terrorism Thanksgiving Thatcher theology theory thinking time titles toasts tolerance tongue total depravity totalitarian tourism tradition transcendence travel trinity trolls trust truth TV typing tyranny

UFOs unique unity unkindness usury

vanity vegetables vice victims virgin birth vision virtue visits vivisection

walking war warfare spiritual wealth weather welcome welfare whisky whosoever will will wisdom wit women words work world world view worship wrath

Yorkshire youth zeal zen

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