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My potted personal history

1946 Born into a Christian home in Newport, Monmouthshire. The fourth and last generation of the family born there and the first not to labour in iron and steel. I have so far researched six generations of Weeks back to blacksmiths fom Wick near Bristol in the late 18th century though I have to follow up a reference to the will of a Preacher Weeks a century before.. On my mother's side of the family, so far I am back to a great great great grandfather Graham who fought under Nelson at Trafalgar, 1805. Her family hailed from the north of Northumberland

1947 My parents moved to Topcliffe, North Yorkshire. where my maternal grandfather was the Methodist minister .

1951 We moved to Skipton upon Swale and I attended Catton School .

1956 Thirsk Grammar School having passed the 11 plus exam a year early.

1958 I responded to an evangelistic appeal at an Eric Hutchins Crusade. Though this was in all sincerity, by the age of 17 I was an agnostic sceptic.

1963 Boots the Chemist, Thirsk, pre-graduate pharmacy student. Among my customers were Alf Wight and his partner in veterinary work, later to become famous as James Herriot and Seigfried Farnon.

1964 To The School of Pharmacy, London University intending never to go to church again. God intervened.

1965 Attending Westminster Chapel, hearing Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones minister the Word, an essential part of my theological education.

1966 Met Kathryn at a University Christian Union Bible Reading on The Sovereignty of God in Election Now a convinced Calvinist and President of the School of Pharmacy Christian Union.

1967 Graduated, registered as a pharmacist, and entered All Nations Missionary College for a diploma in theology.

1968 Walked out of London University theology examinations as I refused to study the Bible as if it were not the Word of God. Concentrated on the college course instead.

1969 Married Kathryn and moved to Ealing where were among the original members of the International Presbyterian Church founded from the work of Francis Schaeffer's L'Abri Fellowship. Superintendent pharmacist, Bruce's Chemist.

1970 Vom Christian Hospital Nigeria as hospital pharmacist with the Sudan United Mission and Church of Christ in Nigeria. Jonathan Michael Weeks born.

1971 Hausa study, Kano. Hospital pharmacist and chaplain on our return to Vom.

1972 David Malcolm Weeks born.

1974 Principal of Limankara Bible School, Borno State

1975 Theological Education by Extension, Langtang, Plateau State. Rachel Joy Weeks born.

1977 Theological Education by Extension, Daffo, Plateau State.

1978 Ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in the Chrich of Christ in Nigeria

1979 With Garba Adamu, teaching Hausa to expatriates and Nigerians from the south, Jos. Selling Christian Books for Amazing Grace, the company owned by Dele Onamusi.

1980 Deborah Grace Weeks born

1982 Back to Ealing and work with the International Presbyterian Church.

1983 Called as an elder in the IPC and returned to community pharmacy in Ealing.

1984 Community pharmacy work moved from Ealing to Hayes, then Feltham and finally Brentford and into supermarket pharmacy

1985 From Brentford to Willesden Green, for the same supermarket's pharmacy

1986 Became active in local politics when local government started promoting the social acceptability of homosexuality.

1990 Elected Councillor, Costons Ward, London Borough of Ealing for the Conservative Party. Vice-chairman, Social Services Committee.

1992 Managing a retail pharmacy in Perivale then in Twyford, Reading.

1992-3 Chairman of Environmental Management Committee, London Borough of Ealing.

1993 Manager of Mattock Lane Pharmacy and Home-brew, Ealing.

1994 Re-elected . Opposition spokesman for Social Services.

1998 Lost my seat on the council by 26 votes.
Superintendent pharmacist, Torrington Park Health Centre, North Finchley.

2000 Resigned from the Conservative Party over their London mayoral selection of candidates.
Joined the Christian Peoples Alliance. and elected for two years to the naional council of Britain's newest political party.
Bethany Jane, first grandchild, born 11 December.

2001 David married to Elizabeth Field on July 21st.
Rachel married to to Adrian Little on September 22nd
I have been asked to post my speech as father of the bride.
Moderator of the synod of The International Presbyterian Church (until June 2004).

2003 Second granddaughter, Hannah Kathryn, born 11 October.

2004 Third granddaughter, Sahara Kate, born 4 June.

2006 First grandson Zachary John born 6 March

2007 Sixth grandchild Eissa Ruth Little born 12 April



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